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  It is a recognized fact that training is a vital determinant in ensuring an effective security performance.
Therefore, training has always been top concern and highest priority to MM PROTECTION.
A large portion of our agency's resources are invested in providing continuous up to date training for our security officers.
This comprises classroom training sessions and on-site, asignment specific training.
MM PROTECTION has the latest classroom and on-the-job training programs in the industry.
This enables us to meet our high employee performance standards.
Our training is conducted by state certified managers not self qualified instructors.

At MM PROTECTION, our training has received certification by The State of California's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
Every applicant is required to attend a pre-assignment training session and pass an 8+ hour course prior to being assigned to a security post. We utilize only a few short DVD training videos to magnify certain points.
The curriculum is in compliance with The State of California's latest AB2880 training regulations.

Training is Focused on the Needs of Every Distinct Site

While pre-assignment training provides a basis, it is only the beginning. Like each client's needs are unique, so much of the training must take place at the job site itself. Each new security officer is assigned to train with a team leader. The new security officer works with the team leader until he is proficient in the performance of his duties.

On-Going Training

On-going training is also essential by security guards to develop additional skills, to acquire added knowledge and to guard against complacency in job performance. MM PROTECTION team leaders make routine visits to our clients business. During these visits the team leader will take time to view the methods that the security officer is utilizing when he or she performs their duties. Guidance or additional training is provided to the security guard in order to ensure that he or she is performing the service to the best of their ability and in compliance with the terms of the service contract.

Our Training Commitment

As you can see MM PROTECTION is committed to the concept that training is an essential element in the quest to provide professional, quality service to our clients. We commit ourselves completely to quality training and this is a key to our success and great reputation.

Training Curriculum
Powers to Arrest
602 Penal Code
Public Relations
Observation and Documentation
Communication and It's Significance
Liability and Legal Aspect
Workplace Violence
First Aid/CPR
First Aid/CPR
Courtroom Demeanor